As usual, I'll be there - we get in Thursday night, and I'm leaving on Monday. I actually have a smartphone these days, so email or chat should work to get in touch with me while I'm there.


I'm going to hit Mobot at noon, then bring my box of games to the UC. I'll look for space somewhere around where the O used to be (possibly upstairs).


Mini Blue Ribbon
52.0 Tables / Based on 104 Tables
MPs Names Score
21.82 6 Adam Ruprecht, Seattle WA; Andrew Hoskins, Redmond WA 1584.35

Just one hand for fun

Matchpoints, I don't remember the vul (and it probably doesn't matter). There's no real point here but to see what people do with a fun hand.

AKQJTxx Jx AJxx -

You're systemically constrained to open 1S (in case it matters later, this is limited only by failure to open 4NT specific ace-asking - we have no strong bid), and partner responds 2D game-forcing. You have most of the toys you might like available - what's your call?


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